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Premises Liability

This area of the law generally consists of a the liability of an owner and/or possessor of property for injuries and death as a result of slips, trips, or other exposures to dangerous conditions existing on a property. Owners and/or possessors of property may have liability for criminal acts of other persons occurring on a premises resulting in either injury or death. Common examples include liability of big box stores for merchandise falling from high shelves injuring or killing a shopper. Other examples of premises liability claims include injuries from slipping or falling on conditions existing on a floor of a premises such as dropped food, standing water from a recently mopped floor, improperly maintained conditions on the premises that lead to injuries and/or death.

Liability for criminal acts of a third-party can result when a property owner and/or possessor is on notice that a criminal act is likely to occur, and there is a special relationship between person entering the property and the property owner and/or possessor.