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Brian J. Graber, Ltd. is an aggressive Chicago based law firm representing employees by relentlessly bringing employers to justice that have violated employment laws regarding wrongful termination, retaliatory discharge, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wage & hour laws, and federal & Illinois whistleblower laws. We represent clients throughout northeastern Illinois, including Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Kankakee County, LaSalle County, and Will County. We are an aggressive law firm relentlessly prosecuting employers for violating your employment rights.


Brian Graber has been a litigation attorney for over 15 years. Brian Graber has successfully represented clients in both federal and circuit courts obtaining millions of dollars in judgments and settlements in all types of personal injury and employment litigation such as wrongful termination, retaliatory discharge for seeking worker's compensation benefits, employment discrimination and retaliation, sexual harassment, wage & hour claims, federal and Illinois whistleblower claims, 1st Amendment retaliation, retaliation for refusing your employer's demand to engage in illegal activity, nursing home neglect and abuse, premises liability, liability for criminal acts of third parties, dram shop, auto & trucking collision, and product liability.

Do you believe your employer violated your rights? Have you been wronged or hurt in some way? Are you sick and tired of getting bullied by your employer and pushed around by their army of defense lawyers? Do you want to turn the table on your employer and their attorneys and give them a taste of their own medicine?

Contact Brian J. Graber, Ltd., at (312) 291-4648 to learn more about employment rights so your employer will have nowhere to hide and nowhere run.

Client Testimonials

Brian is an awesome lawyer. I was really nervous and had spoken to several other lawyers that did not even seem to care. Brian made everything very easy and got me a much larger settlement than I expected. I never even had to go into a deposition. The thing I noticed most about Brian was that he actually cares. I got more empathy from him than people I know. Thank you very much Brian.

Dan O.

Great lawyer, highly recommended. When I was searching for a lawyer I stumbled across Brian J Graber, and what stood out immediately was the attention, time and energy that Mr. Graber put forth to hear my claim. After the very first phone call I already had my suspicions that he will be the best candidate for represent me in a wrongful termination suit due to the explicit details he went into just in the phone interview. Then after meeting with Mr. Graber for the first time I knew that he would be the best lawyer for me. He spoke with me in detail with dignity and respect explaining all the risk and positive possibilities in the process of how lawsuits work. For all the questions I had Mr. Graber had extended breakdown answers ensuring that I knew all the information possible prior to proceeding. If you’re looking for a wrongful termination lawyer Mr. Graber is your guy, he has the knowledge, he puts in the time and effort and he produces the results.

Gerald R.